Modern Theatre dance is a rhythmic dance style that is often seen in musical productions and is known for its theatrical qualities. It is very popular with our students as it incorporates a wide range of styles including jazz, hip-hop, contemporary and lyrical as well as travelling steps, leaps and isolations. 

Our students progress through the ISTD grades and are able to study up to, and including, Vocational levels. All grades gain NVQ credits with the higher grades being awarded valuable UCAS points.


For those who show a gift and exceptional talent for this form of dance, we do enter students for the prestigious 'Janet Cram Awards'. We have had many winners over the 

years and this competition, in particular, allows our students to compete with the very best the country has to offer.


Tap offers our children and students great freedom of expression and is a fantastic way to develop rhythm and co-ordination. Everybody enjoys making sounds with their feet!

As with the modern, we follow the ISTD Tap syllabus beginning with Pre-Primary at around 6 years old and working through the grades to vocational level.

Tap plays a very important role in the BT school history!

Numerous students over the years have made their stage debut in 'The Good Ship Lollipop', progressing onto 'The Irish' as they develop more and more tap skills and learn the rudiments of Irish dancing!

We begin modern classes at 5 or 6 years old and follow the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dance syllabus beginning with Primary.

All children have the opportunity to take the ISTD examinations when they are ready and we are extremely proud of our results - for the past few years 100% of our candidates (both in the grades and vocational levels) have achieved a Distinction!


From 8 or 9 years, once our children have gained a firm jazz technique from Modern, they are able to study for the ISTD's Bronze, Silver and Gold Jazz Awards. These classes are held on Saturday afternoons and are always accompanied by loud music, laughter and lots of enthusiasm!

Children, once again, are able to take ISTD Tap exams - but there is no pressure! Some students just enjoy coming along to classes and learning a new skill and making new friends.


Nearly 100 students from 3 years to 90, all tapping at once for 'Children In Need'!

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