We offer ballet classes for all ages - from complete beginners through to vocational students and those wishing to study for professional qualifications.

From 5 or 6 years old, we begin to introduce the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) syllabus work, alongside free and repertoire classes.

Ballet is the foundation for all other forms of dance as it provides excellent technique and strength, improves posture and flexibility, and encourages creativity and musicality. 


The vast majority of our students attend at least one ballet lesson per week. And the results speak for themselves! Our students find the classes extremely rewarding as well as being a wonderful way to keep fit and above all, have fun!


Ballet is great for boys as it develops invaluable skills including core strength, stamina, co-ordination, flexibility and discipline.

Classes can start from 3 years old, but we welcome boys at any age!


We are very proud of our boys with a large proportion of them moving onto full time theatre and ballet schools and then gaining employment in ballet companies and West End shows.

The Brenda Taylor School has been teaching The Royal Academy of Dance classical ballet syllabus for over 50 years. We are very well known (both locally and nationally) for our exceptional results  - which are always well above the national and worldwide averages.

All RAD grades carry NVQ credits - with UCAS points being awarded to the higher levels.


Our students love taking exams!

This is largely due to the training, preparation and careful build up to the 'big day' from very experienced and knowledgeable teachers who instill considerable confidence and self-belief in their students. 

Children have the option of taking examinations when they are confident and ready.

Of course, no child has to take exams and they can quite easily progress through the grades once they have acquired the strength and knowledge to cope with the next level up.

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